Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dotted Windows purse / Making of a crochet purse - part 1 with video

 Hi all

Hope all are doing.  I have crocheted many purses for the past few years.  But haven't done any video of making it.  Today I am happy to share with you a video tutorial plus the written pattern of a purse which I have crocheted this week.  It is a different experience making a video.  

Here is the video tutorial. 

I have given the name dotted windows because the sc made along with chain 2 looks like a dot when the chain 2 space is filled with dc's in the next round.  

Let me show you the purse I have crocheted.

The pattern is very simple. I have used 4 ply acrylic yarn and a 3 mm hook. 

Ch - Chain
sc - Single Crochet
dc - double crochet
sl st - Slip stitch

Ch 30
Ch 1 - Turn

Foundation Row
Hdc  in the 2nc chain from hook.
Hdc in each ch - 30 hdc's

Ch 1, hdc in the first hdc
hdc in each hdc till end
hdc in the post of the last hdc
hdc in each of the chains in the foundation chain
hdc in the post of the first hdc 
Sl st to the first hdc - ch1 + 62 hdc's

Rnd : 2
Ch 2, dc in the first hdc
dc in each of the hdc's till end
Sl st to the first dc - Ch 2 + 62 dc's 

Rnd : 3 & 4
Rep Rnd 2

Fasten of dark colour yarn.

Rnd :5
Attach the light colour yarn
Sc in the same stitch
[ch 2
Skip 2 dc's 
Sc in the next stitch ] - Rep 
ch 2 , Sl st to the first sc. 
 Fasten off.

Rnd : 6
Attach dark colour yarn
dc in the sc of the previous round
[2 dc's in the ch - 2 space
dc in the next sc] - Rep-2 
2 dc's in the  last ch - 2 space
sl st to the first dc.
Fasten off.

Rnd 7-10
Repeat Rnd 5 and 6 

Rnd 11
ch -2 , dc in the first dc
dc around

Rnd 12
Rep Rnd 11

Body of the purse is completed.  In the next post  I will come up with the details of adding zipper and lining the purse.  

Till then, have a nice day and happy crocheting.  

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