Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Fishbone Stitch Tutorial with video

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Hope all are doing well and good. In my embroidery stitch tutorial series today I am happy to share the picture tutorial of fishbone stitch and the video for the same.  

Video tutorial - Click here

This stitch come under the fishbone stitch family and it is ideal for working the leaves. It works as a nice filling stitch for the leaves and in the centre it gives a plaited look dividng the leaves into two halves.

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Now let us see the tutorial.  I am working on a leaf pattern to explain this stitch. 

1) First draw a leaf pattern like this.

2) Make a straight stitch from the tip of the pattern towards the centre line. 

3) Bring the needle up to the left line a little below the tip.

4) Insert the needle in the point next to the straight line.  Pull through the thread. Another straight stitch is formed in the left. 

5)  Now bring the needle up in the right side a little below the tip. 

6)  Insert the needle a little below the previous straight stitch.  Pull through the thread. 

7)  A straight stitch is formed on the right side and now repeat the process alternating the sides.

Fish bone stitch is completed. 

Tomorrow I will post a design that uses both fishbone stitch and Reverse Chain stitch.


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  1. I think I could actually do this! Thank you!

  2. Shami: Nice video, thank-you for sharing.


  3. I think this is one of the best stitches for leaves. Yours are very neat.


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