Monday, November 22, 2021

Aari Embroidery Blouse

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  I learned aari embroidery sometime back.  Though there are so many stitches in aari I am comfortable only in the basic chain stitch.  That too working with zari thread.  I am not comfortable in working with silk thread using aari needle.  

This embroidery is worked on a silk blouse.  It has been customised for my friend.  When she asked can you do some simple embroidery for me I accepted it.   She gave me a model design and I have drawn a pattern accordingly and this is the outcome. 

Some close ups

For the neckline I stitch a line of chain stitch, then worked zig zag chain stitch over that chain line.  That gives a lace like effect. Then attaced a line of ball chain.  The third line is again chain line with zig zag chain. 

For the floral stems, used ball chain.  for the leaves used fishbone stitch using purple colour silk thread with 4 strands.  Some tear drop stones are added for leaf shape and it is outlined with zardosi strings.  Added golden colour stones at the tip of the stones. 

Now I am working on the sleeves.  I will update this post with the sleeve design once it is completed.  

I always work designs from already existing patterns.  This time I came out of my comfort zone and gained courage to work aari embroidery blouse that too for a costly saree.  Happy that it came out well.  It has given me more confidence in making custom embroidery pieces. 

Hope every one like this design.  Drop in your feedbacks in the comments section.  I am working on some crochet pieces for the past two days.  I will come up with that in my next post.  Till then, have a nice day.  


  1. Shami: What a sweet thing to do for your friend, it is lovely.
    Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone can surprise us, I am working on some items for a catholic Church, was not sure I could do it, I am doing it well.
    Have a lovely day.


  2. Lovely did this on aari stand or simple frame?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!



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