Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Felt Star Christmas Ornament with snowflake design

 Hi all 

Hope all are doing well and good.  11 months have passed by and tomorrow we are entering into the month of festivity.  We used to unwrap our christmas tree and put it in our home tomorrow.  This year I have crocheted some stars to hang it on the tree.  As I love to embroider than crochet I tried a felt sheet star with a snowflake design and it came out so beautifully than I expected.  I am very happy to share with you all the felt star along with the design and the video of its making.  

I have make a video tutorial for the making of this star.  
Kindly watch the video and if you like my videos subscribe to my channel.  
For this project I have used a white felt sheet and pricked holes over the design.  I have used the simple back stitch and straight stitch and french knots.  So  I have pricked holes in the points where I have taken each stitches.  From the design you can understand that.  

I will post a better picture soon.

I have used anchor thread number 46 with 3 strands to stitch the whole design.  For the french knots used 3 strands and 1 wrap.  Then sticked some golden stones.  Attached a satin ribbon at the back and the star is ready to be hanged.  

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Hope you all like this project.  I will be back with another crochet finish soon.  Till then have a nice time with your needle and thread.  


  1. Shami: It really is a beautiful design.
    Thank-you for the pattern and instructions.

    Merry Christmas


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