Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pueblo Stitch - Hand Embroidery Stitch Tutorial

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Hope all are doing well and good. In the embroidery stitch tutorial series today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for doing pueblo stitch. I have seen it as a variation of split stem variation at first and while googling it has been given as a variation of back stitch. But after working it, the pueblo stitch is apt under the family of stem stitch.  

Video tutorial is below

This stitch uses two colour of threads.  For this tutorial I have used 3 strands of red and 3 strands of blue.  Totally 6 strands are used.  This stitch gives a braid like effect. Now let us move onto the tutorial.

1). Bring the needle up at one point. Take a stitch as you take for the stem stitch.

2) Before pulling through the thread split the threads as shown . I have splitted so that the blue thread comes down and red colour goes up. Now pull through the thread.

3) One stitch is formed 

4) Now take the next stitch as we do for stem stitch and this time split the thread so that red colour comes down and blue colour goes up.  Pull through the thread thread.

5) Continue this process alternating the colours up and down.

6) A line of pueblo Stitch is formed

The second line in the below picture shows the pueblo stitch keeping the red colour thread down and blue colour thread up throughout the stitch line.

Hope this tutorial is useful.  If you find this tutorial useful do drop in your feedback’s in the comments section.

Till then, have a nice day.

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  1. Thank you for you tutorials. I like them, but I get so much advertisements.


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