Friday, October 8, 2021

Chemanthi Stitch flower Variation | Embroidery Stitch tutorial

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and great.  Last week I have posted the tutorial for doing the Chemanthi stitch. You can see the video tutorial here

And today I have come up with a variation of the chemanthi stitch.  It is also worked in a circle but the petals are seen separately.  Along with the tutorial I have provided a design also.  Let us see the design first.

Pattern for this design is at the end of the blog post.

If you are lazy to scroll down the page click below for the picture tutorial

Let's move on to the tutorial.

1) Start with a circle.  Draw a small centre circle also. 

2) Bring the needle up in the centre circle.

3)Insert the needle at the orange dot and bring out at lavender colour dot. 

4)Pull through the thread

5) Insert the needle again at blue dot(starting point) 
 come out at red dot
(This dot should be between orange and blue dot).  

6)  Pull through the thread.  

7)Again insert the needle at orange dot(this dot is immediately next to the first orange dot).
Come out at lavender dot(this is the same point as the first dot).
Pull through the thread.

8)Insert the needle again at the starting point( blue dot).
Come out at the second red dot
(this dot is immediately next to the first red dot). 
Pull through the thread. 

9)First stitch is formed.

10) Continue the steps from 3-9 around the circle.  The next petal should be a little right to the first one as shown below.

11) Chemanthi stitch flower with a french knot. 

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Pattern for the design 

Used 3 strands of thread throughout this design. 

Hope this tutorial is helpful to you .  I will be back with the video tutorial for this stitch soon. Till then have a nice day.  


  1. Shami: Beautiful design and wonderful video.


  2. Hi Shami, I like this beautiful embroidery. The tutorial is very useful! Keep up the good work!

  3. Chemanthi is one of my favourites! This stitch makes such beautiful flowers. Thank you for a great tutorial.


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