Saturday, October 2, 2021

Kasuti Embroidery Trimmings and Motifs - Part 3

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In the beginning of April I have started to do a kasuti sampler in aida cloth.  You can see both the posts in the following links:

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Today I have added 5 more trimmings and 4 motifs in that sampler.  All these trimmings are worked on  10 ct aida with 3 strands of anchor thread.  Come let us see the trimmings now.  

The first trimming has a diamond with three spokes and an inverted 'v' on the fourth side . The diamonds are connected with horizontal lines and another inverted 'v'.

The second trimming is a floral motif .  This also has an inverted 'v' element where the stalk of the flower rest.  All the motifs are connected to each other through horizontal lines.   I am planning to work this trimming as a border for a dress and the floral part separately as a butti all over the dress. 

The third trimming is a development of the first one.  On top of each diamond there are three spokes.  To fill the space between the diamonds another three spoke elements have been added.  I am working on a neck design using this trimming.  Next week I will be posting it.  

The fourth trimming is also like a simple flower with 2 creepers on both the sides of the stalk. 

The fifth trimming is a development of the zig zag one with 3 spokes up and down alternatively. This will be so beautiful for necklines. 

We will move on to the motifs now.  These are worked with 2 strands of anchor thread in 14 ct aida. 

So far the sampler looks like this

So far I have completed 20 trimmings and 9 motifs.  Will be back with another set soon.  

In my next post I will come up with a simple crochet project.  Till then have a nice day.


  1. Beautiful samplers. I'm wondering how you start and end your threads, especially for the single gold squares, do you just knot the thread?

  2. Such pretty blackwork samples.


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