Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Kasuti Embroidery Trimmings and Motifs - Part 2

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and all are staying safe.  In the beginning of this month I have posted a small introduction about kasuti embroidery and the basic trimmings or elements used.  I have posted a small motif also.  I started that sampler project in an idea posting the progress once in a week but that doesn't worked out.  I was able to complete the another five trimmings and four more small motif only yesterday so that I can make an update in that sampler.

You can view all my previous kasuti works here.

The second part of the trimmings have been worked in different colour.  These trimmings are worked in 10ct aida with 3 strands of anchor thread.

The first trimming in this part make a nice border.  I have used this trimming as a part of the border in an old kurti.  You can view it here.

The next one is a simple spoke with a diamond.  The third and fourth trimmings are the variations of second one with added spokes in the tip of the diamond. 

The last one is spokes with triangles.  This can also be worked in different variations.  Here I have worked in different heights.  You can work in same height and can leave space between two elements etc depending upon the design.

Now let use move on to the motifs I have worked.  I have used a second colour along with the maroon.  These motifs are worked in 14ct aida cloth with 2 strands of anchor thread.

All the five motifs so far.

Hope all of you had a nice time seeing these trimmings and motifs.  Tomorrow I will come up with a post on preparing a fabric to do embroidery. 

Stay healthy and stay safe.  


  1. Like Blackwork, this is a great kind of embroidery to make the most intricate designs with the simplest of stitches.
    Although geometric there is a lot of 'movement' in these patterns.

  2. sempre molto utili i tuoi post! grazie

  3. Very pretty Shami.


  4. Nice embroidery :)
    Thank you for your comments :-)


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