Thursday, April 1, 2021

Kasuti Embroidery Trimmings and Motifs - Part 1

Hi all

Hope all are doing well.  Today is the beginning of new month.  And I am here with a new start today.  I have done so many designs in kasuti embroidery. 

You can view my previous Kasuti Works here.

I have a whole lot of motifs and borders and trimmings used in kasuti embroidery in different books and have pinned it to my pinterest board online.  So thought of developing a sampler with the kasuti borders and motifs so I can see many designs in one piece.  Weekly once I will share the progress on it. 

Some basic information about kasuti
Kasuti embroidery is an Indian embroidery method that uses counted thread technique.  It has geometrical shape designs and it is symmetrical. It is like spanish black work but only double running stitch is used to work kasuti designs.   When kasuti embroidery is executed perfectly both the front and the rear side of the fabric looks identical. 

The straight line is the simplest element in kasuti embroidery.   With the help of the straight line different characteristic elements are formed and with the help of those elements trimming are formed.  Trimmings are thin and narrow horizontal/vertical stripes used as edgings/stripes on dresses.  Trimmings are combined to form borders. 

Today I am showing the first ten trimmings and a small motif.  I have selected 15 count aida for doing the trimmings and 14 count aida to do the motifs.  

  1. Starting from the top straight line- simple double running stitch.
  2. Zig zag line.
  3. 'u' and inverted 'u' trimming. 
  4. Next is a combination of horizontal line, a 'v' shape and two diagonal lines.
  5. Trimming with ascending and descending steps.
  6. Clover structure trimming.
  7. Modified version of the previous one clover structure and its reverse in a successive manner.
  8. Trimmings with spokes and zig zag line.
  9. Trimming with straight line, spokes and square open at one side.
  10. Trimming with cup shaped horse shoe structure.
I will show how the trimmings are combined to form borders later after completing some more trimmings.

Now we will see a simple motif.  This motif consists of the the characteristic element 'square' and diagonal  and horizontal lines.  Anchor thread number 20 and 3 strands are used to do the motif.

Motif - 1

In my next part I will show you the next 10 trimmings and more motifs.  If anyone interested in trying kasuti embroidery try practice in an even weave fabric like aida and then you can move on using the net.   Hope all of you like today's post.  Tomorrow is Good Friday.  To remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for myself I have handwritten a famous passage which I like along with a mandala design.  I will be posting it tomorrow morning itself.  So do watch my space and have a nice day. 


  1. Shami: These are lovely designs, I am looking forward to seeing the other motifs you will be showing us.
    Have a lovely day.


  2. You have so many strings to your bow; these samplers are beautiful and most useful. I have my TAST sampler on the wall to refer to when I want a suitable stitch.

  3. i didn’t know kasuti embroidery! thank you


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