Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fly Stitch Flower Border / Simple Embroidery Border

 Hi all

Hope all are doing good and staying safe.  Today I am happy to share with you a simple embroidery border.  I wanted to do a easy but a grand neckline embroidery for a silk saree blouse.  So I have tried this small sample using the basic stitches.  The outcome is perfect and it is beyond my expectation.  Happy to post it here in blog. Let's see the design now.

The fabric I have worked is silk cotton.  When I search google I found that the colour of the fabric is "Old gold".  Then I searched for colour combos with old gold colour and then selected a light shade of gold colour and the contrasting blue.  I was in a doubt whether this blue goes well with the fabric because I am very poor in selecting colour choices.  And to my surprise the blue combo worked very well.  So I thought I will add this colour combo in my colour palatte. 

The design with only embroidery.  It is very plain and simple and then I added the dull gold colour cut glass beads randomly.  It lifted the grandness of the embroidery.  

After adding the cut beads also, I felt something is lacking and then filled the gaps with golden beads.  And the whole outlook of the piece changed.  
The design is complete now.  

You can use this design for border or for the neckline also.  

Pattern for the design

Anchor Threads used :
Light gold - 313 
Blue - 121 

Stitches used
Lines - Laced Running Stitch (3 strands)
Zig Zag line - Zig Zag chain stitch (3 Strands)
Fly stitch flower - 4 strands
Used a sequin in the centre of the flowers.
Hope all of you like this design.  Will meet you with another interesting post soon.  Till then, have a nice day.


  1. Shami: Lovely and the beads add such a lovely touch.


  2. Shami: I also like the added beads, very pretty.



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