Thursday, February 18, 2021

Zentangle - WIRLZ - How to draw

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well.  Yesterday I have posted a zentangle pattern called WIRLZ.  Here is the tutorial how to draw it.  It is a very simple drawing made only with curved lines.  The finished drawing will be 

Start with a 4" x 4" square. Use black gel pen or Pigma micron pens

Start with one corner.  Draw a small curve, the second curve should start from the same point as the first and end at the same point but the length should be longer.
Continue in the same way till there are 6 lines or 8 lines.  If the space you are drawing is smaller then finish with 6 lines.  Other wise you can go for more lines.  Here I have completed the first set with 6 lines. Now we will move on to make the second set.

I have started the second set to the left of the first one.  You can start any where and have repeated the same steps. 

Third set has been started between the first and the second ones.  Here I have completed it with 8 lines.

Fourth set has be done between the first and the third.  Now there is a small gap between the first and the fourth sets.  Fill that gap.  Fill these gaps now and then.  Otherwise there is a chance to miss some of these gaps. 

Proceed in the same way and we have reached 3/4 of the are to be filled.  

Complete area is covered.  Now you can color it as per your wish.   You can save the picture as .jpg in your system and print it out.

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That's all for now.  Next Wednesday I will come up with the next pattern in zentangle and on thursday the tutorial for that.  

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  1. Thanks for an excellent tutorial. You have so much to teach and are so good at it!


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