Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Zentangle - WIRLZ

 Hi all, 

Hope all doing well.  Thanks you for your response in my previous post french knot design and its tutorial.  Hope all of you like it.  

Today I am very happy to share with your new series on Zentangle. I came to know about the zentangle art in the year 2015.  For those who are not good at drawing or painting, zentangle is a gift which consists of geometric designs, lines, curves, circles which forms a beautiful piece of drawing.  There are a numerous patterns in zentangle and I have tried my hands in some patterns and created some pieces out of zentangle.  You can view all those works here.

Last Year I have tried to make a border design with zentangle patterns with the bible verses inside.  It is very relaxing to do.  After drawing the patterns playing with color pencils is another mind relaxing process.  It takes me back to my school days where I use only 12 colors.  And now I have a color pencil pack with 48 colors and it is like a toy for me.  Whenever I feel bored I used to pick up that pack and created these borders and I have come up with 6 designs.  

Today I am going to show you the first design.  

The name of the pattern is WIRLZ.  I will be framing this later.  I have used green, orange, yellow and purple colour pencils to colour it.  To draw this pattern I have used ordinary black gel pen.  But nowadays I am using micron pens to draw zentangle patterns.  

 And the tutorial for creating this pattern will be posted tomorrow.  I have created a coloring page for this pattern without the verse.  So do watch my space.  Till then, Happy zentangling.

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  1. Love your zentangles ! So colorful and attractive, especially with the verse.

    Thanks for stopping by my place!


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