Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Satin Stitch - Tutorial / How to do satin stitch?

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and staying safe.  Yesterday I have posted an embroidery design for satin stitch.  Today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for doing satin stitch.  Practice it along two straight lines first if you are a beginner.  Afterwards you can move on to practice shapes.  

Satin stitch is a flat stitch used to cover small areas.  They are basically straight stitches worked close to each other. It is also known as damask stitch.  Long and short stitch is also satin used to fill large areas.  The stitch cover both the sides of the fabric i.e)front and back.   Satin stitch will look good when worked with less strands of threads 2 or 3.  This is again according to the size of the design you are working you can decide the number of strands. Here I have worked a heart shape with two colours and 3 strands of anchor embroidery thread. 

Let's move on to the tutorial now.  Mark two straight lines on the fabric.

Start from one end of the top line and stitch a straight stitch towards the bottom line.

Again bring the needle near the first stitch on the top line.  Though straight stitches are made each time the stitches will begin on the same side and end on the other side thus filling the fabric on both sides.  In that way it gives a smooth finish.  The stitches should be very close to each other.  Care should be taken not to overlap the stitches.

Continue to do the second straight stitch.

After stitching along the two straight lines the satin stitch filling would look like this.

Next picture shows the satin stitch in slanting position.

In the next picture satin stitch is worked to fill the shape of a triangle.  Start working from the wider part and go towards the narrow part.  The right side of the triangle is bended because of the tight stitch tension.  While completing a stitch and beginning the next stitch care should be taken to pull the thread smoothly to the other side. 

Next picture shows the worked of satin stitch in a petal shape.  This is the shape I have used for yesterday's design.  For these kind of shapes to get a regular and smooth stitches I used to start working the satin stitch from the  middle.  Divide the shape into two equal halves and then work the right half and then the left half.  In that way you will get smooth stitches and stitches will be divided equally on both sides and gives a uniformity in the stitches.  

Next is a leaf shape.  For that slanting stitches are worked from the middle of the shape and worked towards the top.  Then again start from the middle and worked towards the bottom. This is to maintain the shape properly.  

Hope the tutorial is clear.  In future I will come up with more details in working the satin stitch and its variations.   

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Tomorrow I will come up with my progress on kutch work kurti which I have shown here..  Till then, have a nice day. 


  1. That's a clear and easy to follow tutorial for Satin Stitch.
    Do you ever first stem stitch the outlines and work Satin Stitch over those lines?

  2. che brava! a me le foglioline vengono sempre male...


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