Friday, May 14, 2021

Kutchwork Kurti update - Sleeves completed

 Hi all 

Hope all are doing well.  Last year I got 4 kurti kits from shreepathi design studio.  They have the fabric with the design trace - design in neck and sleeves.  Threads, needles and an outline of the design with the thread colors.  I have completed two of them - 2 kasuti kits.  Started the third one which is kutch work.  And completed the sleeves. 

Kutch work kurti sleeves

They haven't instructed the stitch for the round blue colour round portions.  First I thought of stitching mirrors in it.  But I don't have mirror the fits the size of those circle.  They are small than the mirrors I have.  So I have stitched the Eyelet stitch to fill in those circles and it was perfect. 

For the small portion of the leaves and stems I have used back stitch.  All through the design 3 strands of anchor threads are used.  

Kutch work kurti sleeves

Today I have started to do the neck portion.  Hopefully within a week I will be able to completed it.  So the next update will be the finished neckline.  Drop in your feedbacks in the comments sections.  I will be happy to hear from you. 

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  1. The turquoise Eyelet stitch circles accompany the Kutchwork perfectly. Lovely to see.


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