Monday, May 17, 2021

Hairdo embroidery / How to embroidery hair?

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Hope all are doing well. I was not able to post regularly  in the past week. Hopefully hereafter I will be able to post everyday. 

Today I am very happy to share with you a simple hairdo embroidery. 


To do this you should be able to do the knot at the end of the thread.  Then you have to cut the thread at a particular length and that’s all. Let’s see the steps one by one. 

Draw a shape that looks like oval for the head. It is not oval and not circle. 

Here I have used anchor thread number 310 with 6 strands.   Take a long thread and put a knot in the end. 

Start from top or bottom.   Bring the thread up through the fabric. 

Leave a length of thread that is needed for the hair. And cut at that point.  

Again make a knot at the end of the thread and do the same step again near the first point.   I have attached a pin to know the length of the hair.   Continue in this way till the whole circle is covered with threads.

Now bring all the thread in one direction as shown.  It is not a problem if the threads are of uneven length.   Now with a comb slightly comb the threads.  

Now take a stitch near the lower end of the circle drawn and end that stitch at the other end.  Pull the thread tight and take one more stitch like that.   A simple hair do is completed.

To add more beauty I have added three french knots.  To do that bring the needle in the middle of the straight stitch above the stitch line.  Wrap the thread twice around the needle and insert the needle in between the two stitch lines to anchor the french knot.  


Add two more french knots on either side.   Comb the threads in the downward portion and trim it equally.  That's it.  Hairdo is done. 

Hope all of you like this simple tutorial and hope I have made it clear to everyone of you.  Will come up with more hairdo's.  

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  1. I wish my hair was a rich and beautiful as this!
    Great tutorial!


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