Friday, May 14, 2021

Embroidery Stitch Tutorial - Eyelet Stitch

Hi all 

Hope all are doing well.  Today I am going to share with you the tutorial for doing the Eyelet stitch.  You can see eyelet stitch in this Straight stitch family mandala. It comes under the family of straight stitches.  

To start with draw a circle.  I have drawn circle number 14 from circle protractor.  Used 3 strands of thread.  If your circle is big you can increase the number of strands.  Mark the centre of the circle.  

                                      Punch the centre and make a hole with a nail of thick needle.

Bring the needle up through the fabric on any one point on the circle.

Insert the needle through the hole in the middle.   The first stitch is made.

Again bring the needle near the first stitch on the stitch circle and insert through the hole and continue the steps.

While pulling the thread through the fabric hold the already stitched stitches and pull through.  The new stitch will sit nicely on the right of the already stitched ones.

After filling half of the circle.

A completed eyelet stitch.

While anchoring the thread on the back side be careful not to cross the hole.  If the hold is big the thread will be seen on the right side which will hide the eyelet.  

I hope this tutorial is useful to you.  Have a nice time with your needle and thread. 

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  1. Once again you have made a clear and easy to follow tutorial. Nice result.


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