Sunday, May 30, 2021

Mandala Colouring - 2, Doodling

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe.  In this pandemic situation we are in strict lockdown and my only relaxation is colouring and doodling.  I haven't started to do embroidery after the hurt in my fingers.  I am feeling better day by day and hopefully start to do embroidery soon.  

This is the second page in mandala colouring.  I have done the colouring with ordinary sketch pens only.  This colouring page is from the book Refreshing mandala, a colouring book for adults. 

You can see the first colouring page here and colouring books I own here. .  

Also you can purchase the books from the  links available in the top of this post.

This is a closeup of the design.

Apart from colouring I love to doodle.  This is a doodle page which I have done long back.  I am working on a zentangle pattern similar to this. Will post it soon.  I am not able to capture a good picture of this.   Click the image to see a better one.  You can see my other doodles here.

Hope all of you like these colouring pages.  Do try colouring and be relaxed.  Will be back with another interesting post.  Have a nice day.

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  1. Such beautiful colours and contrast, on both works of art.
    Get better soon.


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