Monday, July 26, 2021

Wheatear Stitch - Embroidery stitch tutorial

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  In the embroidery stitch tutorial series today I am going to show the step by step tutorial of doing wheatear stitch.  It is a simple stitch which looks like a lazy daisy stitch having two horns.  Let see the tutorial.

1) Bring the needle up through the fabric at point 'A'.
2) Insert at 'B' and the then come up at 'C'.  It takes the shape of a V.  Pull through.

3)  Again insert the needle in at 'B' and then come up at 'D'.  
The point D is straight below 'B' or you can follow the stitch design.  Pull through.

4) A 'V' shape is formed with the working thread coming out below.

5)  Bring the needle under the 'V' shape without picking the fabric.  

6) Insert the needle again at point 'D' and pull through.  

7)  A wheatear stitch is formed.  If only one wheatear stitch is worked it is 'detached wheat ear stitch. 

You can continue working the wheatear stitch along a line or according to design continuously.

Continue the same from a little below the starting point of the previous stitch. 
Go in as shown in the picture and come out to the right and follow the same steps as above.

Two continuous wheatear stitches are formed

Hope this tutorial is useful.  Tomorrow I will post a simple design to practice wheatear stitch. Till then, Have a nice day.


  1. This is such a beautiful, yet easy stitch. Thank you for including in your Stitch Dictionary.

  2. Hi, The photos are clear. Should be easy to follow, Thanks for sharing..


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