Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Embroidery Design - Wheatear Stitch

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  Yesterday I have shared the tutorial for doing the wheatear stitch.   Today I have posted a simple design to practice the same.  

Pattern for the design

I have used two shades of green for the stalks. Start with a straight stitch for the tip.  Then proceed with the wheatear stitches till the 'v' shapes are drawn and the remaining part of the stalks are stitched with back stitch.  I have used 4 strands of threads to do the wheatear and back stitch.

After completing the wheatear stitch I have added french knots in red and yellow at the tip of the wheat ears.  I have used 6 strands of thread with 1 wrap.   This is just a simple design to practice wheatear stitch.  

Hope all of you like it.  Tomorrow I will be back with a finished crochet square.  Till then, have a nice day.  

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  1. Shami: Very pretty design.


  2. Very pretty colours and stitches.

  3. The Wheatear stitch is a nice stitch in itself. You have proven that it is great as a foundation stitch and other stitches can be added to build fantastic things.


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