Saturday, July 3, 2021

Berry stitch embroidery design for beginners

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  I am here to share with you an easy pattern for practicing the berry stitch.  You can view another design using the same stitch here.  


Pattern for the above design

Big flowers - 925(Orange), 29(Pink)  - 3 strands 
Small flowers - 290 (Yellow) - 3 strands
Stems and leaves - 237 (Green) - 3 strands

Stitches Used 
Big flowers - Berry Stitch
Small flowers - Lazy Daisy Stitch
Stem - Stem stitch
Leaves - Lazy Daisy Stitch

Hope all of you like this design.  Have a happy weekend.  


  1. Those are nice lines, the stems are shaped like a vase!

  2. Pretty colorful design! I see a heart shape that would be nice for a card insert.


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