Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Buttonhole stitch/Blanket stitch - Tutorial

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In the embroidery stitch tutorial list, today I am going to share the steps to do the blanket stitch.  

Blanket stitch is an easy and simple stitch which is often used to stitch the edges of blankets and other garments.  It is also known as buttonhole stitch.  Some say buttonhole and blanket stitches are different.  But I personally didn't find any difference.  Now let us see the steps to work the blanket stitch.

Assume that we are working on two parallel straight lines. 

Video tutorial

You can download a design to practice this stitch here.

Hope this tutorial is useful.  I will be back with another embroidery design with a new project I have started.  Till then, have a nice day. 


  1. Shami: This is one of my favorite stitch's for edging on needlework.


  2. Another easy-to-follow tutorial for one of the most useful stitches.


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