Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kantha Embroidery - Dhaneer Sheesh in arrow shape, Paichano-Wipped Running Stitch

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Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In kantha embroidery series today's stitch is working dhaneer sheesh stitch in arrow shape.

Dhaneer sheesh stitch when worked in arrow shapes forms a nice and unique border.  Let's move on to see the design.  Here we have to stitch inside the Start with the left end of the arrow and move towards right.  We have to fill the space inside the arrows.  If you are new to this page please refer working of dhaneer sheesh stitch here.

Trace the following design to work dhaneer sheesh in arrow shape

Start working the running stitch from the left end of the arrow and move towards right.  First row is complete.

Now start from the right side and just below the first row and continue in the same manner.

After completing the design it will look like this.  Dhaneer sheesh in arrow is completed. 


Another one basic stitch used in kantha embroidery is Paichano.  It nothing but whipped running stitch used in crewel embroidery.  Most of us know what is whipped running.  But for those who don't know how to work whipped running stitch, follow the steps below.

Work a line of running stitches.

Bring the needle up near the last stitch.  Insert the needle under the thread of the last stitch from top without picking the fabric. Pull through the thread.

Same way insert the needle under all the stitches from the top without picking the fabric. 

The running stitch base is whipped now and the paichano stitch in kantha embroidery is ready.

Hope the tutorial is clear.  Tomorrow I will post the design to work the dhaneer sheesh arrow in leaf.  Till then have a nice time with needle and thread.  

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