Saturday, June 19, 2021

Kantha Embroidery - Bejod stitch leaf

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  In kantha embroidery there are so many ways to work a leaf.  The simplest way is to work running stitch along the leaf design.  Another unique way of stitching kantha leaf is using Bejod stitch to fill the leaf.  

If you are new to kantha embroidery you can view the basic stitches from here.  

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Today I am going to share the bejod stitch which again is a running stitch and how it is used to fill a leaf.  Bejod stitch is also running stitch worked in the following pattern.

First start with a leaf picture. 

Stitch the outline of the leaf and vein with running stitch. 

Now start working on anyone side of the leaf.  The leaf will look good if we work each part with different colour.  Here I have started with the right side.  Stitch a line of running stitch near the vein.  

Next row of stitches appear between the gaps of the previous line of running stitch. 

Continue the fill the leaf pattern. After completing the both the portions the leaf will look like this,

If you work both the sides of the leaf in the same colour it will not be that much appealing.  So work the leaf in two different colours.  

Hope all of you like this tutorial.  I will post the next kantha embroidery design tomorrow.   Till then have a happy time. 

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  1. It's a nice way to fill a leaf, and I like the two colours.
    If we used the same technique and stitched in the gaps of the previous stitch line, but started from the outer edges and worked a curve, would that also be Bejod Stitch? Or does Bejod mean you have to do straight lines of stitches?


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