Saturday, June 19, 2021

Kantha Embroidery Design - 4

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In Kantha embroidery series today I am happy to share with you another design that uses Chakra Butti and Bejod stitch.  This design can be used repeatedly to cover an area of the fabric.  

Pattern for the design

Stitches used
Flowers - Chakra Butti
Stem - Running stitch
Small circles  - straight stitches one upon another

The fabric which worked is black colour silk cotton.  Anchor embroidery threads of colour numbers 926, 324 and 185 are used.  3 strands of threads are used throughout the design.   

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  1. Shami: So very pretty.


  2. It is amazing that only one stitch, the Running Stitch, is used for this complex design.
    I have 327 stitches in my collections (Sunday Stitch School and Take A Stitch Tuesday), but you have proven that only one simple stitch can be used with fantastic results.

  3. this motive is very decorative and will look impressive repeated few times on bigger piece of fabric <3


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