Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TypeWriter Font Art - A treasure I found

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing well.  Today I am going to make a small post about what I have found in our shop sometime back.  When I was in school typewriters were used largely to type a document.  Only after computers are broadly used keyboards were used for typing which is comparatively easier than typing using a typewriting machine. 

I am remembering the first day of my typewriting class typing 'asdf lkjhg' for a whole page that too with correct fingers for each letter and my little fingers were swollen at the end of that page.  But I didn't give up and completed both lower and higher grades in english typewriting and lower grade in tamil typewriting.  Thanks to those classes, now I have a good speed in typing with both the hands without seeing the keyboard.  Enough of my story.  Now let me show the treasure I found.  It is an old photo.

I found this photo in my hubby's shop long back.  While hanging in the wall it was like a portrait written with letters in pencil. Only after taking it in hand I realised it was made with the letter typed using typewriter.  It was amazing to see the creativity of the person who made it.  The name of the person who made this art is not seen.  It has been hidden inside the frame.  He/she has used the letters in a clever way to create this portrait of a mom holding her baby.  Thumbs up to him/her.  Hats off to his/her patience.

Do you want to see the typwriter which I have learned.   It is similar to this one. 

Once I have tried to recreate the same using typewriter font in computer.  But I had no patience to go beyond line 3. I have downloaded a typewriter font from here.  But it's my goal to recreate this in computer. Now this photo has  found a place in my craft table.  Have you found anything like this.  Do write down in the comments section.  

I will be back with kantha embroidery series tomorrow.  Till then, have a happy time.


  1. I have seen a picture made up of +-/ and maybe some other symbols, but not a picture made of letters. it must have taken a LOT of patience!

  2. Shami: You are very talented, this is amazing.


  3. I learned to type on an old style typewriter in high school. We didn’t have desk computers then.

  4. Wow Shami!! You truly are talented person with varied interest. Can't wait to see all your treasures.



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