Friday, June 18, 2021

Kantha Embroidery Stitch tutorial - Chakra Butti

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In the kantha embroidery series today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for doing chakra butti.  

If you want to learn kantha embroidery from the beginning start from the following links one by one.

Chakra butti takes the shape of a chakra after completing.. It is same as kantha butti only but in a chakra shape.  First lets see the steps to do the chakra butti.

Start with the following shape.

Start with running stitch from point 1.  Take a small stitch from 1 - 2.

Take the next running stitch in the tip of the next petal and continue so on.  First round completed.

Now for the second row make stitches parallel to the previous stitches following the trace.  It will automatically will be a little left of the previous stitches.  

Continue in the same clockwise direction and do the third round.  

This is after completing half of the design.

Continue in the same manner and finally you will end up covering the full design.  Sometimes if all the petals are not of the same size you may  end up leaving small gaps in some of the petals.  In that case I will not go in the round.  Instead I will complete one petal and move on the other. 

In the above picture I have completed the left over space in one petal. It is indicated with arrow. 

Now complete the remaining two petal with straight stitches.

Fill the centre with the herringbone stitch or straight stitches.  Chakra butti is done.  

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  1. Someone (used to Western embroidery) who sees the completed chakra would think it was made by completing one petal with Satin Stitch before moving on to the next petal. So it is interesting to see the technique of 'Running Stitch' in a circle.
    Thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge. I learn so much from you.

  2. Shami: Interesting design, I bet with a row of them it would be beautiful.



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