Friday, June 25, 2021

Easy embroidery pattern for beginners - Long tailed Daisy

Hi all 

Today I am happy to share with you another easy embroidery design for beginners.  In my last post I have posted the step by step tutorial for doing the long tailed daisy stitch.   Today's design is to practice that stitch.  This design can be used as all over motifs for sarees, cushions, kurtis etc.  

Pattern for the design
Stitches used
Centre of flowers - French Knots
Stems - Stem stitch
Leaf - Herringbone stitch

Anchor Thread numbers
Flowers - 1203(3 strands)
French knots - 308(3 strands, 1 wrap)
Leaves and stem - 230(3 strands)

Hope all of you like this tutorial.  Tomorrow I will be back with the embroidery books I own.  Till then have a nice day.

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