Monday, June 14, 2021

Mandala in black background using 3-D opaque ink pens

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe.  Apart from needle and threads, yarn I used to buy different colour pens and sketches.  I use those pens for doodling and sometimes try calligraphy to relax.  After getting introduced to the art of zentangling and mandala drawing I started collecting more and more pens.  

I started drawing mandalas in A4 paper and then moved on to notes with thick papers.   But I always like something with black background.  I like to do embroidery on black fabric.  When I was searching to buy black chart papers online I found out a note with black sheets.  Immediately I bought one and it was lying for with me more than a year.  Likewise during an online shopping  I bought colour pens seeing the description that it is used to write in dark background.    Also they are all in pastel shades and I purchased it.  Then came to know, it can be used to write in dark colour chart papers as well.  

So two days back when I was not in a mood to embroider I picked that note and those pens and started drawing a mandala out of it.  First let us see the mandala.

Materials used
The inks are watery and it will not be visible that much while drawing or writing.   But once dried up it will be brightly seen as in the above mandala.  Very very useful to write/draw against a dark colour background.  These pens can also be useful to draw dotted mandalas also. 

I have also drawn this mandala in white drawing sheet also.  I have used Maped Color peps Duo colours to colour these.  

I have provided the colouring page for this mandala and also a skeleton mandala.  If any of you interested you can create patterns to fill in the blank spaces.

You can view my another mandala here.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow I will come up with the next stitch in kantha embroidery series.  Till then, have a nice time. 


  1. The colouring page and the skeleton mandala are beautiful, but it is when you add colour that they really blossom.
    I am surprised that you say. you like to stitch on black fabric. I find it very hard to see. Must be age!

  2. So pretty, I love the look of a design on a dark background too, it makes the colours more vibrant somehow :-) Thank you for sharing with us at Handmade Monday

  3. You create such beautiful mandala's.. Great job!


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