Friday, June 11, 2021

Kantha Embroidery Design 3

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe.  In kantha embroidery series I have posted two designs already. 

Kantha embroidery design 1

Kantha embroidery design 2

Today's design is based on kantha butti the next stitch. How to work kantha Butti? can be found in this link.  I have worked the design on black colour silk cotton fabric. Lets see the design .

Pattern for the design

I have used 3 strands of anchor embroidery threads all over the design.  
Pink - No.63
Cream - No. 926
The design will look better if all the star buttis are worked in cream colour. 

Star butti is simple straight stitches that emerges in the centre.  You can refer the stitch tutorials in the following links

My amazon picks for kantha embroidery dresses



  1. oh, I just love the bohemian look of this design!

  2. Very pretty! I like that the star buttis are in the pink instead of the cream so the cream is more of a color pop in between!

  3. Shami: So pretty and interesting in design.


  4. That is a dramatic design and the colour choice is fabulous! I agree with BeingBore89's comment.


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