Monday, August 2, 2021

Kutch Work motif with mirror

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and staying safe. I have started a mirror embroidery series and completed three methods of doing mirror works.  You can view them in the following links

Mirror embroidery can be done as a standalone work in dresses and it can also be embedded along with kutch work motifs that gives a rich, elegant and traditional look to the dresses.  So today I have come up with one such kutch work motif along with a mirror in the centre.  

This motif can be worked separately as a motif here and there and can also be worked continuosly as a border design in dresses.  Let us have a look at the working of the motif.  Usually kutch work is done in two steps: framing and interlacing.  In both the steps if we start from one point the whole design will be covered in one go or continuously.  There is no break of the design in between.  

But this motif is a little different.  Framing and interlacing both ends at one point and then again we have to start from another point to stitch the uncovered area.  You can look at the following pictures to understand it.  But the working of the motif is the same as all basic kutch works.

 You can find the tutorial for the kutch works here.

For the kutch work I have used 3 strands of anchor thread and for the mirror work I used all the six strands. 

In the above picture I have started the framing at black colour arrow point and finished the at the red arrow point.  And you can see a portion of the traced lines are left unstitched.  Usually in kutch works all these areas will be stitched.  According to the design a portion is left unstitched.  Now we have to start from another point and start framing.  We have to be careful while going up and under the threads.  For the second part I have started from the point where the needle comes up.  After completing it will look like the one in the second picture. 


Same will happen during interlacing also.  It is done in two steps as shown below.

Now I have stitched the 2cm diameter sequin in the centre with the buttonhole frame mirror work. 

Instead of sequins you can also use mirror like the one in the picture below.  
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Now the elegant kutch work with mirror work is ready.  You can use any silk cotton fabric to work kutch work which will even make the work more rich.  

Hope you liked this design.  I will be posting more on mirror work and kutch work.  So stay tuned and kindly follow my blog using the button in the right side panel of this page. 

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  1. hej shami,
    i love your fine mirror work! It turns out great :0) thank you for showing the tutorial. hugs from denmark, Ulrike :0)

  2. Kutch work and mirrors look so good together.


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