Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Crocheting for Cushion covers

 Hi all

Hope you all having a great day.   During the beginning of this year when I was cleaning my crafty items I collected a big basket full of unfinished projects.  So I decided to finish them one by one this year.  From that collection I have got 6 crochet pieces I have crocheted for making cushion covers.  So I took two pieces from them and decided to finish it this week. 

Today I will be showing the crochet pieces and tomorrow I will be posting the completed cushions with tutorial of how to make the cover. 

So onto the cushion covers.

Close up of the pattern.  

This pattern I have seen in pinterest as a chart.  But I am not able to find the link now. 

Close up of the pattern.  

For this piece I have followed the pattern from here.

I have crocheted only the front of the cushion covers.  I am going to attach these to fabric covers.  I am in the process of sewing the cushion covers.  I  have used local acrylic 4 ply yarn and used 4mm hook.  Tomorrow I will post the details about the making process and the completed covers.  

You can view my other crochet projects here.

Happy Crocheting.


  1. Two beautiful cushion covers.
    You have been working very hard recently. Where do you get your time and energy from?

  2. Your crocheting is very pretty. These will make great cushion covers.


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