Monday, March 1, 2021

Zentangle SNOW FLOWER - How to draw

Hi all 

Today I am happy to share with the tutorial to draw the Snow flower tangle pattern.  It is very easy.  You can draw it in many sizes and fill your drawing book page.  

A colouring page that is done using snow flower.

You can download it and save it as jpg and can print it in A4 size paper with landscape orientation.

Here are the steps:

Start with the round circle as shown

Draw eight spokes with a small circle at the tip of the spokes.  First draw four spokes dividing the inner circle equally and then draw within the two spokes on each sides so that you get the regular spacing.
Draw a two lines in the shape of 'v' between the circles at the tip of the spokes.
Then from the tip of the 'v' draw lines that points to the inner circle.
Draw small lines that inside the petals the emerges from the inner circle.  A snow flower is done.

You can draw flowers of different sizes and add the first inner circles separately as fillers between the flowers.

How to draw Zentangle - WIRLZ ? Click here.

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