Saturday, March 13, 2021


 Hi all

Hope all are enjoying the weekend.  

Today I am here to share some of my WIP's with you.  These are long term projects which I have started earlier.  They are all going in a slow pace.   I  have started to do tutorials and designs for the embroidery stitches from last year and therefore these projects are staying behind and I am not working on it regularly.  

To get an inspiration to work on those projects I have planned a post to show the progresses once in a week or once in every two weeks.  Here I have showed 5 projects and some more are still lying in WIP basket.  I will concentrate on these first and then move onto the other.   So here they are.

This is again a needlepoint stitch kit from Anchor - The Last Supper.  I am working on with half cross stitches.

This is a long stitch Kit from Anchor under the name Glossy flowers. 

This is "Never Ending SAL" from here.  I am going to complete panel 1 from that.  

This is Rainbow Sal which I have started in 2017.  I have completed three months designs.  And luckily I have saved all the parts of the SAL in my laptop.  That page was not available now.  

This is a kutch work design I am working for a cushion cover.  

Apart from these I am working on an embroidery kurti and a saree which will be finished soon.  3/4 th of the designing is over in both.  So I will show them once it is finished.  

In crochet a cushion cover and a blanket (started in 2018 - joining process is going on) is in my basket.

I have made some quilt blocks also.  I will show it in the future.  

Even though I have these many projects in hands I always start something new.  This keeps me busy and also it is a way not to get disturbed by the things that are going on around and keeps me away from worrying about those things.  Because there is no solutions for some problems, only time can solve all those.  

It is always better to have some aim to achieve something in life.  For me finishing the "The last Supper" project and another Cross stitch project is one such aim for the next two year.

So, what's your aim in crafting.  Put down your thoughts in the comments section.  I would like to hear it and take it as a dose of inspiration.

On Monday I will come up with a new embroidery design.  Till then have a nice day.


  1. I have noticed how active you have become recently on your blog. Several times a week you show fantastic work, great tutorials and beautiful zentange designs. I hope you can balancing all these things with what goes on in daily life.
    You are right in that we need something to distract troubled thoughts and problems we can not solve.
    I also agree with you that it gives great satisfaction to finish a project. I will try not to start anything new until I have completed some of the things I am working on.
    All the best.

  2. You do have a lovely variety of WIPs.
    My aim in crafting is to complete some older WIPs so I can start some new projects! And to continue to connect people within our community via my link ups and blog Hops.

  3. how many projects! good job
    however I prefer to have few wips ongoing, two or three before starting a new one


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