Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Kasuti Embroidery motif -2 for cushion

Hi all,

Hope all are doing well.  A week back I have embroidered a motif for a cushion in Kasuti embroidery.  You can view it here.  

To match with that cushion I have embroidered another motif.  This motif is from the book "Karnataka Kasuthi Embroidery Designs - Vol 1 " from Mridulas school of Embroidery &Fashion Design.  You can get the details for this book and other course and design books from this link

This is the embroidery done on the net.

Previously I have said that I found it difficult to remove this net.  But this time I have sprayed water and removed it.  It was easy.  Thanks carin for the timely help.

Now I have to stitch these two  into cushion covers.  My next project on kasuti will be a simple neck design on a kurti.  

You can view my other Kasuti works here.  I hope all of you like this motif.  



  1. I am glad you found it easier to remove the waste canvas threads this time. Yes, as soon as the starch loosens up it is much easier to pull out the strands and there is less damaged to the actual embroidery, too.
    It is a very nice design!

  2. Pretty colors and such a delicate design.

  3. Beautiful embroidery, Shami! I have never seen this net to purchase online. Do you know, we can get online?

    1. Thanks Preeti. I purchased in pradhan embroidery stores. But now it’s not available.


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