Monday, March 22, 2021

Embroidery Design - Magic Chain Stitch

 Hi all

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Today I am here to share with you a new embroidery design using magic chain stitch.  All of you familiar with chain stitch.  You can view the chain stitch design here.

Magic chain stitch is similar to chain stitch but we have to use two color threads. In 2012 I have stitched a small design as a part of TAST.  You can view it here. Now onto the design.

Pattern for the design
Tutorial for Magic Chain stitch is here.

Stitches Used
Spiral flower - Magic chain stitch
Stem scrolls - Magic Chain stitch
Leaves - Leaf stitch
Centre - straight stitches with French Knot

Anchor Thread numbers
Spiral Flower - 13, 10 (2 Strands each)
Stem scrolls - 255, 258 (2 strands each)
Straight stitch - 315 (6 strands)
French Knot - 13 (4 strands, 2 wraps)

Hope all of you like this design.  Tomorrow I will be back with the tutorial for doing magic chain stitch.  Till then have a happy time with needle and thread.


  1. Magic Chain is a much loved stitch. You can also use two totally different threads in the needle, of different weight or texture. It is not easy but will give you a new dimension to this enchanting stitch.
    Your designs are lovely, with a touch of zentangle.

  2. The magic chain is just perfect for this pretty flower. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. Lovely! Do yo buy the thread online? If so, would you mind sharing your sources? Thanks Shami!


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