Thursday, March 25, 2021

Finished Crochet covers and its making

 Hi all

Hope all are having a great day.  Yesterday I have posted two crochet pieces that I have crocheted to finish into cushion covers.  You can view the crocheted details in that post.

I have completed both the pieces into cushion covers and I am very happy to show you the finished product.  Let's see the covers and then we will move onto the tutorial part of making the covers. 

Back side of the cushion


Making of the cushion covers

I have used the crochet pieces for the front side.  Made an envelope cushion cover out of fabric and then hemmed the crochet piece with the fabric.  

This is not exactly a tutorial.  I have given the steps I have followed in making it.  The cushion is of 16" x 16".  The crocheted pieces are 15" x 15" squares.  Always crochet the pieces atleast 1" less than the cushions so that it fit's the cushion in a perfect manner. 

For the envelope type cover I have taken the fabric of height 41" and width 16.5".

From the top mark at 13.5" and draw a line.  From that point mark 16" and again draw a line.  1 and 2 are raw edges that folds inside to make the envelope. 2 and 3 are top and bottom of the cover. 

After making this marking, now we have to sew the raw edges and top and bottom of the cushion though the fabric is uncut.  

Fold the fabric at the lines 2 and 3 and stitch with 1/4" seam. 

Fold the fabric with 1/4" seam on the raw edges and sew.   Then sew the opening on both the sides.  Here one edge overlaps the other side and forms an envelope.  

Turn inside out.  Your fabric cover is ready now.  

Now place the crochet piece on the front side soft of the cover and align the center of the crochet piece and fabric cover and pin it.  Do this for all four sides.  Like wise, align all the corners.  Start hemming the fabric and crochet piece from the middle of any one side.  I have made one stitch per chain stitch in the border of the crochet.  And that's it.  Crochet cushion cover is ready.

Hope this steps helps you in making a crochet cushion.  If you have any doubts feel free to leave a comment.  I will be happy to help you.  Few more crochet pieces are also waiting for its turn to be finished as cushion covers.  I will come up with one by one. 

Tomorrow I will come up with the next zentangle frame.  So do watch my space.   Till then, take care,  Bye.  

Happy Crocheting. 


  1. I usually make envelop closings for my cushions - it is easy, just as you show in your excellent tutorial, you do not need to go out to buy a zipper, it is easy to stuff the cushion inside.
    Great work, Shami.

  2. Lovely cushions! My sewing skills are very bad, your tutorial will definitely help me.

  3. molto belli i cuscini, e che bei colori!
    grazie anche per il tutorial


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