Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Fly Stitch - Tutorial /How to do fly stitch?

 Hi all

Hope all of you like yesterday's design that uses fly stitch.  Today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for doing the fly stitch.  It is very simple stitch. It can be used for working the leaves, petals of flowers.  Let us see how to embroider fly stitch.

These flowers are worked in closed fly stitch.

For a simple flower using fly stitch click here.

Bring the needle up through the fabric.

Insert the needle to the right of where the needle comes out first and come out at a point in between below the first two points.

Pull the thread through.  A 'v' is formed with the thread coming from inside the 'v'.

Insert the needle a little below the 'v'.  A fly stitch is formed.

To make a closed fly stitch anchor the thread below the 'v'.

I hope that this tutorial is useful to you.  For more stitch tutorials click here.


  1. Shami: So pretty, thank-you for the directions on this stitch.


  2. It's so lovely and neat, thank you for the tutorial, I have been looking at your other tutorials too, now I know where to come if I need help with a stitch.

  3. Another tutorial that is easy to understand and follow. I love Fly Stitch and think it is so useful, it is a great building block for many things.


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